Super Rainbow Toast is a silly newspaper-style comic. Updates on Tuesday and Thursday. All-ages friendly; will never contain anything obscene or crude. Please be aware that we moderate comments daily, but occasionally they may contain offensive content. Please refrain from using obscenities when commenting.
The star of our comic is Super Rainbow Toast, AKA SRT.
SRT is a piece of bread with super powers. He's completely invulnerable, can shoot rainbows with various effects (ranging from an impact similar to a punch, to an explosive lightning bolt), and can teleport inanimate objects. His only weakness is the fact that he is approximately as intelligent as any other piece of bread. He often misunderstands the situations around him, leading to inappropriate responses.
His origin and motivations are a complete mystery. Since he has no means of communication, he's never corrected anyone for calling him 'tree bread.'

Why the rainbows? Because Dark Wolf has always loved rainbows; and, in fact, everything colorful, as evidenced by her vibrant color choices in this comic. There is absolutely no symbolism in this comic. Zero. None. They're just rainbows, people. Noah was enjoying them many, many years before anyone appropriated them as symbols of a movement, group or religion.

Why aren't there ads from Project Wonderful or similar networks? Because we're a family-safe comic. We take that very seriously, and will never allow advertisements curated by any third parties. While we may eventually host some ads, they will only be for sites we would be comfortable allowing our children to browse. That having been said, we cannot guarantee that ads on other sites will adhere to our policy, so please exercise caution once you leave our site, this applies especially to our 'vote' link; we recommend visiting topwebcomics.com with an ad blocker enabled.
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Why are the strips hand-lettered? Strong Wolf is mildly dyslexic, and finds typed text hard on the eyes. He prefers reading hand-written text, so chooses to create with it as well.

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